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Tiger Fighting, October 10th, "Football" published an exclusive interview with Guangzhou R&F coach Van Bronckhorst with the title of "Van Bronckhorst: After Zahavi left, Chinese players have come forward."


October 9th, Guangzhou R&F Media Open Day. After the 70-day closed game in the Dalian Division, the R&F team has been preparing for the game at the familiar Guangzhou University Town Football Base these days, and then went to Dalian on the 13th to prepare for the second stage of the relegation group competition. The two rounds of R&F and Qingdao Huanghai will be held on October 19th and October 24th.

10月9日,广州富亚博yabovip88力媒体开放日。在大连分区进行了为期70天的封闭比赛后,富力队这几天一直在熟悉的广州大学城足球场为比赛做准备,然后在13日前往大连为降级小组的第二阶段做准备。竞争。 R&F和青岛黄海这两轮比赛将于10月19日和10月24日举行。

In an interview with reporters, Van Bronckhorst, head coach of Guangzhou R&F team, talked about the unforgettable experience of the first stage of the league. Although the first stage started poorly and won four rounds, the team later played better without Zahavi and Saba. What particularly satisfied Fan Shuai was the players' execution on the court.


When talking about the second stage of the game, Fan Shuai had sufficient confidence in the team’s relegation. “Through these few days of training, I have observed the players’ training status and desire for the game. confident."


Zahavi and Saba left the team, and the club introduced Adrian and Zivkovic. They have played in China before and are very familiar with Chinese football. I believe they can integrate into the team faster, and hope that Help the team through their abilities.


Zivkovic can play as a left forward or a center. Adrian is more like a midfielder. Both of them are players with stronger offensive attributes. After Zahavi’s departure, the team lacked a forward center in the second half of the first period. After Saba’s departure, we are more tight on the forward side, but now the team is relatively complete, which gives me more choices. So the next step is to examine the players through training to see which players are in better shape, and we will select them to play in the first round.


In the world of football, the flow of personnel and transfers are very normal. I believe everyone will respect Zahawi's achievements in the R&F team. Of course, he has started a new life and career now, and our team is also continuing to move forward. I believe that everyone will focus on their work, focus on the game, be fully engaged, and play to the best!


A few days ago, I had a very good rest. After the ten-week closure of the Dalian competition area, this holiday allows players to spend a week with their family and friends. Everyone has adjusted very well. After a week of rest, we re-trained. In a familiar environment, we will have a good preparation for the second stage of the game.


The most memorable thing is the team's performance. In the second half of the first stage, the R&F players showed an upward trend. We played well in the last few games and kept our hope of reaching the top four, but we regretted not making the top four in the end. We all know that the next second stage is completely different from the first stage. It is a two-round knockout. In the next few days, we must be fully prepared to meet the challenges of the subsequent game.


The adjustment is mainly to change the formation. In the games after the first stage, we used more of the three-back formation, especially in terms of defensive position, which required closer. At the beginning of the league, our offensive firepower was still concentrated on Zahavi and Saba. When Zahavi left, the Chinese players in the team stepped up and assumed most of the offensive responsibilities, like Huang Zhengyu and Zhang Gong and Ye Chugui, they both scored goals and blossomed more points, so that the team is not so single in attack, which will make it more difficult for the opponent to defend us. This is also one of the team's progress and changes.

调整主要是改变形式。在第一阶段之后的比赛中,我们使用了更多的三后卫阵型,尤其是在防守位置方面,这需要更紧密的配合。联赛开始时,我们的进攻火力仍集中在扎亚博yabovip88哈维和萨巴。 Zahavi离开后,球队中的中国球员加紧担负起了大部分进攻责任,例如黄正宇,张弓和叶楚桂,他们都进球了,并收获了更多的积分,因此球官网队的进攻能力并不那么单调,这会使对手更加难以捍卫我们。这也是团队的进步和变化之一。

He is a very young player with great potential. Our team has many young players. Han Jiaqi is a representative example. With the accumulation of game experience, he will make himself stronger. He had a lot of wonderful performances in the first 15 games, which also proved that he has enough ability to stand in this position and has enough competitiveness.


Of course he also makes mistakes, but we know that his willpower is still very strong and will not be easily knocked down by these mistakes. On the contrary, he will learn and absorb something from these mistakes to let himself grow, and his growth rate is also quickly. I believe he can continue to improve himself in the future and become a better goalkeeper.


The first time I saw Wen Yongjun was a friendly match between us and the Shenzhen team. At that time, it was to promote some young players to observe. He gave me a deep impression, a very talented player. His personality is very cheerful, willing to learn, and constantly improve his skills and skills. Wen Yongjun is very young now, and there is still a long way to go. I hope that he will continue to improve and grow on the right track. It is not easy for him. At the age of 17, he stood on such a high stage as the Football Association Cup and the Super League. I hope he can continue to maintain a good growth trend.

我第一次看到温永军是我们与深圳队之间的友谊赛。当时是为了促进一些年轻球员的观察。他给我留下了深刻的印象,一个很有才华的球员。他的性格非常开朗,乐于学习,并不断提高自己的技能和技巧。温永俊现在还很年轻,还有很长的路要走。我希望他将继续改善并在正确的道路上成长。对他来说并不容易。 17岁那年,他站在足球协会杯和超级联赛这样高的舞台上。我希望他可以继续保持良好的增长趋势。

Li Tixiang returned to the team for training yesterday; Adrian and Dembele still have some minor injuries, and they are expected to return to the team for training next week; Zeng Chao still suffers from some injuries; Chen Junle suffers from a knee injury Must have surgery and will miss the rest of the season. Next, we will continue to follow up their injuries and hope that these players will recover as soon as possible and return to the team as soon as possible.


We still prepared for the war according to the original plan. In the first stage of the Dalian game, our schedule was relatively close. After each game, we basically focused on resuming training. After returning to Guangzhou, the players were rested and adjusted. I think the players are mentally and physically. A very good recovery.


I think the first round of the relegation group is very important. As long as we win, we can be successful in relegation. Therefore, I hope everyone can do well whether it’s training in Guangzhou these days or after arriving in Dalian. Full preparation, no matter in terms of the team's tactics and the mentality of the players, there must be more adequate preparation.


I think in the second half of the first stage, the entire team behaves more like a whole. Each of our players is fighting for the team, for their teammates, and for their own value. The team spirit is reflected. And the players have done a very good job in implementing the coach’s technical and tactical deployment on the court, which makes me very happy, especially in the last five games, we only lost one game, and the team’s performance met my expectations. , So I hope the team can continue to maintain this advantage in subsequent games and continue to improve.

我认为在第一阶段的后半段,整个团队的行为会更像一个整体。我们每个球员都在为团队,队友和自己的价值而战。团队精神得到体现。球员们在球场上实施教练的技术和战术部署方面做得非常出色,这让我感到非常高兴,尤其是在最近五场比赛中,我们只输了一场比赛,球队的表现达到了我的期望。 ,所以我希望球队能够在以后的比赛中继续保持这种优势并不断提高。

I really like to share some of my experience with the players. The goal of our team now is to focus on the next two games. I believe that as long as the team plays normally, we have a great chance to defeat the other side. Of course, I believe that the other side also thinks with such confidence.


I believe that which team is more focused on the game and has a stronger desire to win the game will have a greater chance of victory and success. Through these few days of training, I have observed the players' training status and desire for the game. I am still very confident in the team.


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