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官网|2020年全国跆拳道锦标赛第二天 四省瓜分四枚金牌
名称:官网|2020年全国跆拳道锦标赛第二天 四省瓜分四枚金牌

On September 23, the first stop of the 2020 National Taekwondo Championship Series entered the second competition day. After a day of competition, the Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Henan and Hunan teams divided the four gold medals of the day.


The men's 87 kg and above finals started between Inner Mongolia Sun Hongyi and Fujian Zhu Longwei. Sun Hongyi was born in 1993. On the same day, after he defeated Li Jiajun, a 10-year-old Sichuan teenager who was 10 years younger than him, 14 to 5 in the semi-finals, he stood in the final after only one game break. His final opponent Zhu Longwei is still a post-zero player.


In the first game, Sun Hongyi, who is good at scoring high positions, has always used the mid-leg technique with 5 horizontal kicks and 1


After the game, Sun Hongyi said in an interview that the interval between his semi-finals and the final was relatively short. As an "veteran", the tight schedule made him consume a lot of physical energy: "I can't lift my legs in the finals, so my legs The technique is based on the following leg technique."


Zhu Longwei attributed his performance to the hard training during the epidemic. He said: “There have been no competitions for most of this year. During the epidemic, the Fujian team has been training seriously. I hope to accumulate in the competition at the end of the year without regrets. The opponent is the old man. Athlete, his continuous offensive ability and ability to seize opportunities are better than me, so I can only go all out and fight with him to see what height I can reach." Sun Hongyi also affirmed the performance of this young player. , He said that Zhu Longwei's performance is remarkable. Although he is behind a lot, he has been fighting tenaciously on the court, which is in line with the spirit of Taekwondo.


Jiangsu team player Wu Ruidong was in excellent condition in the day's game. He successively entered the men's sub-58 kg finals with 29-5, 44-36, 24-17, and 31-5 against Zhang Xuguang, a player from Shandong team. . In the final, Wu Ruidong was still in a high mood after a day of intense competition, and he scored four points with boxing in the first game. After three rounds, Wu Ruidong stood on the highest podium 15-13.

江官网苏队的吴瑞东今天的比赛情况非常好。他先后以29-5、44-36、24-17和31-5的成绩击败了来自山东队的张旭光,进入了58公斤以下男子团体决赛。 。在决赛中,经过一天的激烈竞争,吴瑞东仍然处于高潮中,在第一场比赛中他凭借拳击获得了4分。经过三回合,吴瑞东站在最高的领奖台上15-13。

"It's too difficult for me!" Wu Ruidong sighed just after the scene. It is reported that before the start of the game, Wu Ruidong hit his left leg in training and started the new season before he fully recovered. The injury game made him feel a bit difficult. However, because Wu Ruidong's national record last year was not ideal, he wanted to strive for more points in the National Games this year. This is also an important reason why he tried his best on the day to hit the championship.


In addition, Henan team Li Jingwen defeated Hunan team Li Lingmin 18-4 to win the women's sub-46 kg championship. Hunan team Peng Shan defeated Guangdong player Guo Qing 12 to 10 in the women's sub-49 kg finals and won the gold medal.


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