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The abilities of the players in FIFA 21 have been announced. For the loyal players in the manager mode, the potential of the players is undoubtedly one of the key data. This article is an inventory of the 9 French U21 players with the highest potential in FIFA 21. In addition to players such as Mbappe who have become superstars and international players such as Pamecano and Camawenga, there are also Saliba, Sergei and A young talent with endless potential like Carcre. (Data source sofafa)

FIFA 21球员的能力已经宣布。对于经理模式下的忠实玩家而言,玩家的潜力无疑是关键数据之一。本文是对FIFA 21中潜力最大的9名法国U21球员的清单。潜力无限,如Carcre。 (数据源sofafa)

In the game, Mbappe has three characteristics: speed dog, dribbling master and juggling master. He is already a superstar-level figure in FIFA 21 with a power value of 90. The speed and explosiveness of 96 allow him to easily break through the opponent's defense. The agility of 92, the dribbling of 92 and the ball control of 90 allow him to make a technical breakthrough on the wing. In addition, the reaction of 92 and the end of 91 The ability and 91 positions allow him to appear in the middle as a terminator. In addition, Mbappe's physical fitness also reached an excellent 86.

在游戏中,姆巴佩具有三个特征:速度狗,运球大师和杂耍大师。他已经是FIFA 21中超级巨星级别的人物,力量值为90。他的速度和爆发力96可以轻松突破对手的防守。 92的敏捷性,92的运球能力和90的控球能力使他在机翼上取得了技术突破。此外,92和91的结尾的反应该能力和91的位置使他可以作为终结者出现在中间。此外,姆巴佩的身体素质也达到了极好的86。

In the real world, Mbappé’s performance does not need to be repeated. He won the Ligue 1 Golden Boot with an efficiency close to one goal per game for two consecutive years. His excellent scoring ability and increasingly outstanding dribbling skills allow him to appear on the side. Both the road and the middle can cause enough trouble for the opponent. At this stage, the 21-year-old is already a superstar-level figure. But to reach the height of legendary level, Mbappe also needs to improve his handling of the ball details.

在现实世界中,Mbappé的表演无需重复。他连续两年以每场比赛接近一个进球的效率赢得了Ligue 1 Golden Boot。他出色的得分能力和日益出色的运球技巧使他显得侧身。道路和中路都会给对手造成足够的麻烦。在这个阶段,这位21岁的年轻人已经是超级明星级别的人物。但是要达到传奇水平,姆巴佩还需要改善对球细节的处理。

The ability value of Yu Pamecano in the game is slightly lower than expected. Compared with the 79 ability value given by FIFA21, many fans believe that the ability value of 81-82 is more in line with the identity of the Leipzig defense general. However, in terms of potential value, EA did not "badly treat" Yupa, but gave an ultra-high value of 90, which also shows the infinite potential of the new French international. The strength of 90, the header of 88, and the steal of 84 made Yu Pamecano quite powerful in the game, and the speed of 84 made him appear faster in the game.

游戏中Yu Pamecano的能力值略低于预期。与FIFA21给出的79能力值相比,许多球迷认为81-82的能力值更符合莱比锡国防大将的身份。但是,就潜在价值而言,EA并没有“严重地对待” Yupa,而是给出了90的超高价值,这也显示了新的法国国脚的无限潜力。 90的实力,88的头球和84的抢断使Yu Pamecano在比赛中相当有力,而84的速度使他在比赛中显得更快。

In reality, Yu Pamecano’s performance is much higher than the initial value shown in the game. His steal and interception skills are world-class. He who is aggressive and physically strong can always rely on his body. The quality and stealing technique to regain the right to the ball. In addition, his skills at the feet are also quite outstanding among the central defenders. He who dares to advance with the ball can also complete many dribbling tasks on the court. Except for a little recklessness sometimes, most of the time Yu Pamecano's performance is trustworthy. If there is no injury, he will be one of the strong candidates for the future world's first defender.

实际上,Yu Pamecano的性能远远高于游戏中显示的初始值。他的抢断和拦截技术是世界一流的。具有攻击性和身体强壮的人可以始终依靠自己的身体。夺回球权的质量和抢断技术。此外,他的脚下技巧在中后卫中也相当出色。敢于突破球的人也可以在球场上完成许多运球任务。除了有时有些鲁ck之外,余帕梅卡诺的大部分时间都是值得信赖的。如果没有伤病,他将是未来世界首位后卫的有力候选人之一。

In the 2018-19 season, Yu Pamecano was plagued by injuries, while Connet seized the opportunity to succeed. However, last season, Yupa regained his health, and Connet was absent due to injuries for a long time. However, in FIFA21, the abilities and potential of the promising big guard have not been reduced much, and EA is still very optimistic about the 21-year-old. In the game, Connet has an excellent body model (193cm), 85 steals, 83 power and 79 speed. In the game alone, the "big one" Connet is even better than Pamecano. To be easy to use.

在2018-19赛季,尤帕梅卡诺(Yu Pamecano)受伤重伤,而康奈特(Connet)抓住了成功的机会。但是,上个赛季,尤帕恢复了健康,康奈特因受伤缺席了很长一段时间。但是,在FIFA21中,这位有前途的大后卫的能力和潜力并没有减少很多,而EA仍然对这位21岁的球员非常乐观。在游戏中,康奈特拥有出色的身体模型(193厘米),85次抢断,83力量和79速度。仅在游戏中,“大型” Connet甚至比Pamecano更好。要易于使用。

In the real world, the 21-year-old Konet has been plagued by long-term injuries, but before the injury, he showed endless potential, excellent physical fitness, good sprint speed, can delay interception, and can quickly return. After chasing, Konet, who is equally skilled at his feet, is like a black iron tower on the field. If he can get rid of injuries and improve the stability of his state, Connet's future is still limitless.


For a 17-year-old young player, the ability value of 67 is quite good, and the potential value of 88 also shows EA's expectation of Shelkie. The 5 inverse feet and 5 fancy data make people look forward to the strength of Sherji in manager mode after being fully trained. In 2030 in the game, the 27-year-old Shelkie must have already become a superstar.

对于一个17岁的年轻球员,能力值67很好,而潜力值88也显示了EA对Shelkie的期望。 5根反足和5根奇特的数据使人们期待着经过充分训练的经理模式下的Sherji实力。在2030年的比赛中,这位27岁的谢尔基一定已经成为了超级巨星。

In the real world, Shelkie is also a rare monster. The 5-star inverse foot given by FIFA is not an exaggeration. His left and right feet are quite balanced, his dribbling skills are excellent, his foot frequency is quite fast, and he also has a good set ball. Ability and shooting ability. An astonishing statistic is that Sergey has completed 6.2 successes per 90 minutes this season. This statistic ranks first in Ligue 1 and he is only 17 years old. If you can continue to hone his passing vision and skills, Shelkie's future will be limitless, and he is also regarded as a strong candidate for the next generation of super giants.

在现实世界中,谢尔基也是一个罕见的怪物。 FIFA给出的5星倒立脚并不夸张。他的左脚和右脚非常平衡,运球技巧非常出色,脚的频率相当快,而且他的接球也很好。能力和投篮能力。令人惊讶的统计数据是本赛季Sergey每90分钟完成6.2次成功。这项统计数据在Ligue 1中排名第App下载一,他只有17岁。如果您能够继续磨练他的远见卓识和技能,谢尔基的未来将是无限的,他也被视为下一代超级巨人的有力候选人。

The author is not very satisfied with the potential value given by EA to Kamawenga. The potential of 88 may be a huge compliment for other players, but for such a 17-year-old genius who won the Ligue 1 steals and entered the French national team. It's still on the low side. Closer to home, the Kamawenga in the game is still relatively easy to use. The ability value of 76 is not too low (although not too high). The height of 183cm and good athletic ability allow him to never be like reality on the court. Stopped steals.

作者对EA给Kamawenga的潜在价值不是很满意。 88的潜力对于其他球员来说可能是一个巨大的赞美,但是对于这样一位17岁的天才来说,他赢得了Ligue 1抢断并进入了法国国家队。它仍然处于低端。言归正传,游戏中的Kamawenga仍然相对易于使用。能力值76不太低(虽然不太高)。 183厘米的身高和良好的运动能力使他从不像球场上的现实。停止抢断。

In the real world, Kamawenga's performance does not need to be repeated. His excellent stealing ability and physique allow him to continuously complete the task of regaining the ball on the court like a stealing machine. In addition, this season is replaced by Rennes No. 10. In the jersey, he has also developed new skills in the organization and offensive end. He has become more sharp in passing and more skilled in dribbling. He is realizing the transition from Kanter to Kanter + Pogba and has just won the national team. He made the first goal, and the future will not be limited.

在现实世界中,Kamawenga的表演无需重复。他出色的抢断能力和体质使他能够像抢断机一样不断完成在球场上重新夺回球的任务。此外,本赛季被第10号雷恩(Rennes)取代。在球衣方面,他还为组织和进攻端开发了新技能。他的传球变得更加敏锐,运球技术也更加娴熟。他正在实现从Kanter到Kanter + Pogba的过渡,并且刚刚赢得了国家队。他制定了第一个目标,并且未来不会受到限制。

81 ability value, 88 potential value, considering Diaby's age of 21, the data given to him by EA can be said to be quite high. Like former teammate Mbappé, this short wing breaker has three characteristics: speed dog, dribbling master and juggling master. In the game, Diaby can beat opponents with speed and explosive power, and can also rely on himself His skills are flashing, and he is an out-and-out "friend of the players".


In the real world, Diaby is also a player with endless potential. Like in the game, he has excellent speed and explosiveness, and is also quite agile. As a breakthrough player, Diaby has a strong power in the counterattack. He can give full play to his dexterity and speed in a large space, and he can also make a contribution on the passing end. However, in a positional battle, Diaby still needs to improve his passing awareness and the reasonable degree of playing the ball. If he can improve his lonely handling habits, he will go to the next level.


The ability value of 74 may be low, but the potential value of Saliba 87 is enough to show EA's expectations for him. Indeed, this tall guy from the Saint-Etienne youth training camp is an out-and-out defensive potential stock. In the game, he has a height of 193cm and a pretty good model. He has great potential in physical fitness, mobility and defensive skills. In the game of 2028, the 27-year-old Saliba will become a star central defender in world football.

74的能力值可能较低,但Saliba 87的潜在价值足以显示EA对他的期望。的确,这位来自圣艾蒂安青年训练营的高个子家伙是防守方面的佼佼者。在游戏中,他身高193厘米,模型不错。他在身体健康,行动能力和防守技巧方面具有巨大潜力。在2028年的比赛中,现年27岁的萨利巴将成为世界足球明星中后卫。

In the real world, the young Saliba is currently encountering some minor difficulties. Arsenal coach Arteta trusts the more experienced old players in this position. He has also suffered from minor injuries recently, so we may It will take a while to see the best Saliba back on the court. Of course, Saliba’s potential is unquestionable. His outstanding ability to attack, good core strength and good underfoot skills are his labels. If he can get out of the predicament and adapt to the Premier League, he will be the gunner’s future defense. An important member.


In FIFA21, Lyon's 2000 midfielder Kacre is also a monster. The ability value of 75 and the potential value of 87 are enough to explain EA's expectations of him. In the game, Kacre’s greatest feature is his dexterity. The agility of 83 and the balance of 84 make him quite agile on the court. In addition, 80’s aggressiveness, 78 short passes, 76 dribbling control, 75 interception and The 74 steals are also sufficient to illustrate Kacre's comprehensiveness. In the game of 2028, the 28-year-old Kacre will become a midfielder like Veratti.

在FIFA21中,里昂2000年的中场卡克里(Kacre)也是一个怪物。能力值75和潜在值87足以解释EA对他的期望。在游戏中,Kacre的最大特色就是他的敏捷性。 83的敏捷度和84的平衡度使他在球场上相当敏捷。此外,80的进攻,78的短传,76的带球控制,75的拦截和74的抢断也足以说明Kacre的全面性。在2028年的比赛中,现年28岁的Kacre将成为像Veratti一样的中场球员。

In the real world, Cackley has just had a fantastic year. He has achieved a triple jump from the Lyon reserve team to the Champions League semi-finals. Although he looks handsome, this energetic midfielder is not A midfielder with a weak scholar type, but an all-around midfielder with a fierce interception. With plenty of physical energy, he has excellent running ability. In the game, Carcre was able to intercept the ball several times, win the ball for his side, protect the ball and transfer it to his teammates. Although the lack of physical confrontation limits Kacre's ability to turn around with the ball in the midfield, he will also lose some confrontations because of his thin body, but in general, he is smart and solid in his basic skills. Potential midfielder.


The ability value is 79 and the potential value is 87. For the 20-year-old Camara, the ability and potential value given by EA is high enough. Camara also has a fairly comprehensive value in the game. A total defensive rating of 78, a ball-handling value of 78 and a long and short passing ability of 79 allow him to perform well whether he appears in the midfielder position or the central defender position. In the game In 2028, 28-year-old Kamara will become an excellent rear defense swingman.

能力值为79,潜力值为87。对于20岁的Camara,EA提供的能力和潜力值足够高。 Camara在游戏中也具有相当全面的价值。总防守等级为78,控球值为78,长传和短传能力为79,无论他处于中场位置还是中后卫位置,他都能表现出色。在游戏中2028年,28岁的卡马拉(Kamara)将成为出色的后防摇摆人。

In the real world, Camara’s future is also bright. The teenager born at the end of 1999 made his debut as a central defender of Marseille in the previous seasons. Last season, he was gradually transformed into a queen by Vilas Boas. Waist, and showed excellent ability to regain the ball, plenty of physical fitness and excellent foot skills, his outstanding performance also helped Marseille get the Champions League tickets this season. Camara is also an important member of the French U21 national team, he is currently the team's main midfielder.

在现实世界中,Camara的前途一片光明。这位生于1999年底的少年在前几个赛季首次担任马赛的中后卫。上个赛季,他被Vilas Boas逐渐转变为女王。腰高,并且具有出色的恢复球能力,充沛的身体素质和出色的脚步技巧,他的出色表现也帮助马赛本赛季获得了欧洲冠军联赛的入场券。卡马拉也是法国U21国家队的重要成员,他目前是该队的主要中场。

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